Rooftop & AC Split System Services in Cincinnati, OH

Genesis Mechanical Services offers installation and repair for all types of air conditioning systems for residential and commercial clients in Cincinnati, OH. Whether you have a rooftop unit, a split system, or a heat pump and air handler, our team is available 24/7 to keep your property comfortable using the best brands in the industry.

Rooftop Units & Split Systems Installation & Repair

Rooftop Unit Installations & Repairs

A rooftop unit installation is the perfect option for those looking to reduce cooling costs while maximizing efficiency. A rooftop unit cools large areas quickly and can be used with your existing HVAC system. Rooftop units are also easily scalable, meaning they offer the flexibility to add additional units down the road as your space grows or changes.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Reliable Heat Pump & Air Handle Repairs

The team at Genesis Mechanical Services provides heat pump and air handler repairs for homes and businesses throughout the tri-state area. We show up fully prepared to diagnose the problem and deliver accurate repairs that ensure your system functions at its best.

AC Split System Repairs & Installation

AC split systems rely on internal air handlers and an external condenser to keep the property cool. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, a split system installation gives you greater control for which areas of the property need climate control and which ones do not. This can help you save money on utility bills throughout the year.

Split System Installation & Repair
Rooftop Air Conditioner Repair

The Importance of Air Handlers & Heat Pumps

Many people are familiar with the functionalities of a heat pump; in the summer, they act as an air conditioner to keep your property cool and in the winter, they reverse themselves to provide heat. An air handler works with your heat pump to move climate-controlled air through the property.

Many homes and businesses rely on a combination of heat pumps and air handler installations to keep their property comfortable throughout the year. If either of these systems fail, your building will no longer maintain a comfortable temperature, and you’ll need to call an HVAC repair team immediately.

Air Handler & Furnace Repair

Repair Your Split System or Rooftop Unit Today!

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted team in the tri-state area. We’ll gladly go over the options with you to help you choose the right solution at the right price. Because we’re 100% dedicated to your satisfaction, know that we’ll never try to upsell you or make recommendations for repairs you don’t need.

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