Save Money & Boost Efficiency With Building Automation in Cincinnati, OH

Experience unparalleled convenience, performance, and efficiency with a building-automation system from Genesis Mechanical Services in Cincinnati, OH. A building control system allows for easy monitoring and control of a wide range of internal features, including lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and security systems.

Controls & Building Automation

Why You Should Consider a Building Control System

A building automation system (BAS) gives you greater control over your property by allowing you to make changes remotely. Relative to a non-controlled building, a property with a building control system has lower energy and maintenance costs because it can:

  • Keep Building Climates Within a Specified Range
  • Light Rooms According to an Occupancy Schedule
  • Monitor Performance & Device Failures in All Systems
  • Alarm Facility Managers in the Event of a Malfunction.

By centralizing your internal systems via an automated controller, your commercial or multi-family residential property will use energy more effectively and efficiently at every level.

Automated HVAC Systems

Experts in Building Automation Repairs

One of the perks of an HVAC control system is that it will alert you when there is a problem with your heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, and more. Once you’ve been notified, our team will respond quickly to provide accurate diagnostics and restore your system to full functionality. This ensures problems are handled quickly and are addressed before they become major headaches.

In addition to HVAC repairs, we also handle system upgrades, repairs, and services for your energy management system. Whether you need a hardware replacement or a software malfunction diagnosis, our team is qualified to help by either repairing it ourselves, or providing resources for who to turn to next.

Smart Building Automation System & Controls

Get the Right HVAC Control System for Your Needs

Just as your HVAC system should be tailored to your needs, so should your HVAC control system. We offer a range of solutions for building automation and work with you to ensure you get the functions you need without paying for ones that you don’t. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Building Automation Repairs

Get a Free Building Automation Estimate Today!

If you’d like to save money on your monthly utility bills while maximizing performance, a building automation system from Genesis Mechanical Services may be your solution. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. We’ll explain the solutions available to you and make recommendations based on your unique needs.

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