Chiller & Cooling Tower Repair/ Installation in the Tri-State

Industrial chillers and cooling towers serve similar purposes, and if you run a business that provides large-scale industrial processing, you probably have at least one of these systems on-site. Genesis Mechanical Services in Cincinnati, OH, provides complete installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance for chillers and cooling towers of all types, and we do so at a fair price.

Chillers & Cooling Towers Installation and Repair

Chiller Installation & Repairs

When considering a chiller installation, it’s important to understand the options available to you. Chillers come in two basic styles: vapor absorption chillers and vapor compression chillers. Within these groups, the two most common options for chiller installation are air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. Each type functions a bit differently and offers unique benefits.

  • Air-Cooled Chillers: These are used in businesses where discharged heat isn’t a problem. Air-cooled chillers tend to produce a significant amount of warm air because they function by utilizing ambient air to reject heat from the refrigerant before condensation and recirculation.
  • Water-Cooled Chillers: This type of chiller uses water from an external source—usually a tower—to cool gaseous refrigerant in the condenser. Once it’s cold, the refrigerant becomes a liquid and is recirculated in the system, providing continuous cooling. Our team provides chiller repairs and installations for a variety of systems using this cooling method.
Cooling Tower

In addition to those listed above, we also provide chiller repairs and installations for screw chillers and centrifugal chillers. Our team is fully equipped to provide chiller maintenance and shaft alignment for any system on the market, and we use high-quality parts from trusted brands to ensure total satisfaction.

Chiller Installation & Repair

Cooling Tower Installations & Repairs

The most common cooling tower repair is for its pump. Your cooling tower pump is responsible for pumping the water needed for the cooling process into the basin, and if it fails, your tower will not function. If this happens, you’ll need cooling tower repair or replacement immediately.

Our team handles cooling tower repairs of all types, and handles everything from pump replacement and repair to corrosion, scaling, and biological contamination of the water

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